Movie Roulette "You’ve Got Mail" Review

Kathleen Kelly is the owner of The Shop Around the Corner, Joe Fox owns Fox Books. The scene is immediately set for huge rivalry in the book world. But what neither one of them know is that they are unknowingly already friends by being anonymous chat partners online. While the temperature of rivalry rises and Kathleen is set to lose her shop, she seeks advice from Joe online. What will happen when they both discover the truth? Will the sparks fly or will they make amends?

Movie Roulette Cry-Baby - Review

Starring Johnny Depp, Amy Locane, Traci Lords, Ricki Lake, Iggy Pop, Kim McGuire Directed by John Waters Released in 1990 by Imagine Entertainment Allison Vernon-Williams is a Square, goody two-shoes. But she is tired of being good. Especially now that she has a crush on Cry-Baby Walker, a Drape and a local juvenile delinquent. She begs her grandmother for one night of happiness at the Jukebox Jamboree with Cry-Baby and his gang.

Movie Roulette: Vibes

Nick Deezy is a psychometrist which means he can sense who has been in contact with any object he touches and what has happened. Upon discovering his girlfriend cheated on him he decides to meet up with other gifted psychics at a study.  In doing so he comes across Sylvia Pickel who has a psychic guide Louise. Both of them get recruited by a man named Harry Buscafusco,  who claims his son got lost in Ecuador. They both agree to join him and that is where the real trouble begins…

Movie Roulette: Batteries Not Included - Review

Starring: Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Frank McRae, Elizabeth Peña Directed by: Mathew Robbins Released in 1987 by Universal Studios When tenants of an apartment block discover they are to be demolished they are at the end of their rope. They have no hope of saving the building, of saving their homes, lives and friends. The situation seems desperate and without an answer, until  one night, someone forgets to close their bedroom window…

Movie Roulette: The Watcher in the Woods Review

Disney does horror? Is that even possible? Most certainly in this 1980 movie, no expense is spared for some intense scare moments. A family moves into a large country home and soon the two young daughters experience strange happenings that link back to an occult event that went terribly wrong. They see a young girl caught in a mirror blindfolded crying out for help. No one knows who she is or how she ended there except Mrs. Aylwood.

Bright: A World You Need to Discover

Daryl Ward is a human cop, but in the world he lives in, he finds himself forced to team up with an Orc. There are many prejudices around their partnership and even Daryl and Nick are prejudiced about each other. In some situations the tension rise but then they have to find a weapon. A weapon so important that many are prepared to kill for. Will they have each other’s backs till the end? Bright is very intensely focused on the racial divide between humans, orcs, elves, fairies.

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