Interview with Eli Rutten a Belgian Artist

A little while ago I interviewed my friend Eli Rutten. He is a Belgian artist and tattoo artist. His work is amazing and should be discovered worldwide. I have genuine admiration for his boundless amount of talent. I hope that you will discover his work and how he started it all in this interview. If you are interested in discovering more, his social media is added. Honestly? You DO want to discover more! My name is Eli Rutten, 29 years old, hailing from Antwerp and currently living in Zoersel.

Spy Seal: An Interview with Rich Tommaso

I recently had the opportunity to ask some questions to Rich Tommaso about his creation of Spy Seal, a brand new espionage comic due for release on the 16th of August. How did you come by the idea of doing a comic where the characters are animals? The idea for SPY SEAL was one I created when I was 13,14 years old, back in 1984. So when I decided to do the comic professionally for Image last year, my first plan was to keep the visual aspects similar to that of my childhood comic series.

Adventure Scents: An Interview with Jennifer Howlett

I recently had a chance to have a chat with Jennifer Howlett, Author, Game Designer, Purveyor of Unusual Scents. She is the creator of Adventure Scents a wonderful concept where you have theme specific scents you can use in gaming, cosplaying, reading events. She is also the author of a very creative cookbook which I also review called Cooking with Dice. Have a look for my review of the beads as well as the book.

Interview with Phillip Sevy and Drew Zucker of The House

Outright Geekery’s Fabienne Payet recently had a nice chance encounter over Twitter which lead to interviewing the dynamic duo of The House, Phillip Sevy and Drew Zucker, THE horror comic series you must read! Get a deep (or not) insight on what inspired them to write the series and what will happen next. If anything I can recommend to get this series in your hands as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed! Check out Fabienne’s review here.

Interview with MAYDAY's Alex de Campi and Tony Parker

Outright Geekery’s Fabienne Payet recently had a great opportunity to interview Alex de Campi and Tony Parker the wonderful people behind MAYDAY. A very interesting series set in the Soviet Era. If you like espionage, spies, and mayhem, give MAYDAY a try, you will not regret it. Outright Geekery: Where does the interest come from to write about a somewhat unusual topic? Alex de Campi:  I’ve always been fascinated by the Cold War. I am old enough to remember the Reagan Years, which were mostly

Interview with Michael Witwer Author of Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons

I recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Witwer, author of Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons. A must-have book for all Dungeons & Dragons fans out there. I cannot recommend it more highly, you can also read my review that will be posted along with this interview. For those interested in Michael Witwer, here is a small biography.

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