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Star Wars Adventures: Heroes of the Galaxy

Star Wars Adventures: Heroes of the Galaxy is a small collection of short stories. In “Better The Devil You Know”, we see what happens when Unkar Plutt gets kidnapped on Jakku and Rey sets of to the rescue. In Tales From Wild Space “Stop, Thief!” we find ourselves in wild space with Emil, Crater and Boo where Emil shares the story of a thief by the name of Tri Tellon who finds herself smart after stealing from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Misfit City #5 Cave-ception

The gang finds themselves in the cave searching for the treasure with Captain Denby. They aren’t sure yet if they are dealing with the real man or a ghostly entity. That being said they decide to trust him. At first it seems the treasure is long gone but a gutsy move my Pip reveals something entirely new. With the other Denby’s in hot pursuit they have to move fast. In doing so, however, they have no idea where they will end up. Or if they will end up, wherever that may be, alive to begin with.

Moonstruck #3 – Chet and his Dilemma

Chet is not feeling himself anymore ever since he lost his centaur hindquarters. He has a hard time adjusting to walking on just two legs. He goes into a depressive mope even though Julie and Selena try to  cheer him up and help him out. They are determined to get back at the vile magician, but they need to find him first. During the Homecoming Parade it seems they just might get that chance. Will Chet step up to the plate? Once again a great issue of Moonstruck!

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Where Blade Runner Came From

Deckard is a man living in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, where a nuclear global war has laid waste to most of the planet. Most animal species are now extinct, thus owning one is a status symbol. Decker has an old electric sheep that he dreams of replacing with a real animal. His day job of retiring Nexus-6 androids makes Deckard question his own  humanity and his own reality in the most profound ways possible.

The Librarians: In Search of: Episode 1 - Join the Gang!

Flynn Carsen, The Librarian saw himself forced to recruit some new help after ten years of protecting The Library. Eve Baird, a counter-terrorism agent, Jake Stone an oil worker with an exceptional mind, Cassandra Cillian a synesthetic and finally Ezekiel Jones a master of technology. And it seems that it was none too soon, when things go wrong at a presentation. An artifact with mysterious inscriptions sends the team in a frenzy as they try to piece together the meaning of the item.

Sisters of Sorrow Issue 2 Review – For my baby’s sake

Thirty-six hours after the murder of Officer Nicholas Penn, Dominique gets arrested. But in a move of sisterhood, Greta does something she never wanted to as a way to bail her out. In doing so, however, Greta states her own demand. She wants to murder her ex husband who pushed her off the stairs and in doing so killing her unborn child. The girls need to decide if they want to move ahead or stop before things go too far. Then one of them is reluctant to play along putting everyone in danger.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #1 – Make it big...

Kaydon Klay is a girl like many others who has the aspiration of becoming famous. How? No real idea. Why? Just because it seems like a great thing to be. Things don’t go exactly as planned but she can reach out and grab that fame she so desires by being the face of a national tragedy. But in an industry that feeds on insecurities, desires and fears you have to know what you want and how you want it, otherwise things can go very wrong.

Misfit City #4 - Denby you say? Review

After reviving Dot from the possession the girls are unsure of what to do. They decide to leave it for now so they can work the Shuck Fair. But when they least expect it, they start to find answers to their questions. They even get the name of Captain Denby. But who is he and how did he die? Most importantly, how is he connected to the story? Things are heating up when their assailants show up once again. Things are once again taking off at high speed.

The Unsound #3 - Don’t lower your mask

The group of survivors of which Ashli is part follow the orders of Xerxes to wear a paper plate mask and try to escape. But when she puts on the mask, she sees things she never thought possible. Fear is overwhelming but also many questions. Xerxes tells everyone to focus on their own personal madness to find a way out. But is that the true way? Or are they falling deeper into a group madness? Whatever you do however, don’t lower your mask… This story has gone down a path I did not see coming.

Winnebago Graveyard #3 –Welcome to the Graveyard

Having finally escaped their assailants, Christine, Dan and Bobby venture further into the darkness. They discover a dark barn filled with winnebago’s. What is the meaning of this? They remain clueless but at the same time they meet a young boy who seems to have some of the answers. In their attempt to escape the town, they need to cross a valley filled with abandoned winnebago’s. The graveyard. But then things start to go even more horribly wrong than it has ever before.

Grumpy Cat and Garfield #1 –They meet… at last! Review

Garfield and Grumpy Cat both notorious for wanting to be left alone to sleep. They never met, and never intend to do so thank you very much! But that is not what a mogul in Pet Stores has in mind. He came up with a crazy plan to make cats be more like dogs. To test that theory he needs two of the most uncooperative cats in the world…That’s right… Garfield and Grumpy Cat. Will he succeed in his dastardly plan? Finally! The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived!
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