Top 100 Comic Book Movies: From Alien to Xena

This is a great guidebook for all comic book derived and comic book inspired movies out there. The selection is stunning and a lot of thought and work has been put into this book. Each movie has: the original poster, a section on who made it, what it is about, why it is important and production stills.  It is very inclusive in the information provided. Especially the Why it is important section is very interesting to read.

Toybox Time Machine: Toys That Were NEVER Made

This is something different. I have never seen a book like this and honestly it feels like you have received a treasure! Let me first start by explaining who Marty Baumann is and how this catalog came to be. Marty Baumann works in the Art Department at Pixar, he worked on Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Big Hero 6 to name a few. He works as a graphic artist. I guess that is already a bunch of puzzle pieces fitting together to tell this here story!

Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons - Review

Many D&D players think they know the history behind the creation of their favorite game, but do they really? This book delves into the past of Gary Gygax, creator extraordinaire of Dungeons and Dragons, a game so feared that back in the day it was thought it was a recruitment tool for devil worship. It was also seen as psychologically dangerous to teens.  How did it then develop into the game that it is today?

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